Generates properly formatted PDF essays with optional MLA citation based on text typed into a web form. Uses the CezPDF class.


Throughout college I had one of these, an Intermec 6651.picture of an Intermec 6651 - this link may die at any moment

While it is a nice little machine, probably the most portable computer I’ll ever own, it doesn’t have a word processor worth a dime. And at 90 MHz, it’s way too slow for something like TextMaker. What it does have, though, is perfectly good wireless access. So when I got an off-campus place, I needed a way to finish papers in those crucial 15 minutes before class, and PDFMaker was born.


  • Make printable, final-grade quality documents from any web browser, on any system.
  • Stores the paper in editable form between sessions for easy revisions.
  • A variety of formatting options, with optional citation support.